Web Development/design

The development of the internet continues to have a significant impact on business. Companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes are rethinking their strategies and the way they do business. This course will challenge you to explore the reality and implications of websites and e-commerce.

The course introduces concepts, vocabulary, and practices related to website development and e-commerce on the internet; provides insight into all aspects of web production and e-commerce; and explores the role of e-commerce in the development of websites and e-commerce. Topics include e-commerce development, how to do business on the internet, website features and tools used to create e-commerce websites, marketing issues, payment options, security issues, and customer service.


Learning outcomes.


  • Understand the theories and concepts underlying web development and e-commerce.
  • Apply e-commerce theories and concepts to ‘real-life’ e-commerce tasks.
  • Improve knowledge of current issues and problems in web development and e-commerce.



Please note: A Certificate will be sent to you at the end of the course. For more information, please see the Guidelines section.