E-commerce is an important part of many businesses that rely on selling physical products or services online. Here are the main types of e-commerce:

B2C (Business to Consumer): B2C is the most common type of e-commerce. When a customer buys something from an online store, e-commerce is between a business and a consumer.
Business-to-business (B2B): B2B means that businesses use e-commerce to sell raw materials or components to other businesses, which then use these materials to make their own products.
Consumer-to-consumer e-commerce (C2C): C2C e-commerce refers to e-commerce where consumers sell goods to other consumers. Websites such as eBay and Craigslist are examples of this type of e-commerce.
Consumer-to-business (C2B) e-commerce: In C2B e-commerce, consumers sell their products or services to businesses.
B2A (Business-to-Administration): B2A e-commerce refers to transactions between businesses and public administrations and covers areas such as social security, employment, and legislation.
C2A (consumer-to-administration): C2A e-commerce covers transactions between consumers and public administrations, where consumers pay for services such as taxes and the preparation of legal documents.

Part 1.


  • What is e-commerce and how to learn about it, types of e-commerce?
  • What we know about business types: b2b, b2c, c2c, Abby.
  • A brief introduction to Amazon and the business and financial aspects.
  • Introduction to Amazon Marketplaces and how to sign up.
  • Wholesale (Ws) and Pl.
  • Introduction to Amazon business models like FBM and FBA and Amazon account types.
  • Setting up a seller account and required documents.
  • Linking Amazon account payment methods and fees.
  • Owner and child account information.
  • Product research and tips.
  • Keyword research and how to use it.
  • Product ideas and product search.
  • What products not to sell?

Part 2.

Amazon tools and how to buy and use them.

A detailed description of the basic Amazon tools.

What does competitive sourcing and selection mean?

How to search for products and buy online with confidence.

How to find and buy online and how to shop online.

Keywords and how to use them.

What products to look out for?

Google Trends.

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